Off-Market Properties. it's What we do.

What is off-market properties?

Off-market property refers to a home which never reaches the mass market; it is either sold privately, or sold so quickly that it never reaches estate agents’ windows.

In the first instance, a seller might require a discreet sale which is organised through personal contacts or family offices which have a shortlist of serious buyers. 

We typically see this with properties valued over £5 million.

In the second instance, when a particularly desirable property becomes available, an estate agent might sell it to a waiting buyer before the photographs and floor plans have been developed – in which case, ordinary buyers miss out. This usually occurs in the £1-5 million category. 

Here at CHESTER HYDE, we are acquainted  to OFF-MARKET properties. 

Therefore, you'll be first in line when a rare in-demand home becomes available.

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